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Being a mom, The Shoes & Collaboration

May 6, 2016


Being a mother is an awesome experience. All of my life I dreamed of being a teacher, writer and mom. While I got all three I realize I may not be the best at each but I sure can make the most of each while I can. For example, I use to be a full time teacher now stay-at-home mom that teaches preschool at church and substitute teaches elementary schools. I wrote two novels in my middle school thru high school years, now this blog. Then I am a mom. A mom to four lovely little kiddos.

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Mothers Day surprise & First fruits

May 11, 2015

Hello and happy Monday! I hope many of you had a great weekend celebrating your moms or being a mom. I was blessed to find out Saturday afternoon (after the Birthday party of my three toddlers) that my hubby had arranged a night of allowing me to do what I wanted as well as plan for my sister to babysit well in advanced. I not only got to choose where I wanted to go but I got to shop as well. I choose to go to Target (where I ended up buying a LOVELY dress for my Birthday) and Old Navy (where I bought another eyelet navy blue dress for mothers day) and of all the other places I choose I suggested Starbucks and Chic-fil-a. Yep! chic-fil-a for dinner as a mothers day date. I guess I wanted the bulk of the night to be centered around shopping with my hubby instead of waiting for dinner at a fancy restaurant.
I wore the outfit pictured in this post out with my hubby on date night. We took the photos outside of our local Macy’s and while starting the photo shoot my pastor and his wife/my blogging buddy Susan came out and commented ” Guess I will be seeing this on the blog right?”  I was laughing but also embarrassed. Ah the life of a fashion blogger! Which brings me to my next topic or conviction so to speak.




I love blogging and having a “fashion” niche but lately I have been reading my Bible at night and finding verses on topics such as righteousness and not living as the world does and then I came upon this verse “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:19-21.


I know sometimes I can be worried about how do I look? Will “this item” make me feel happy or complete? when really my conviction is more than that. As a blogger I have done less to promote what God has been showing me or revealing to me. What God has lately been showing me is that I spend more time storing up treasures on the next big collaboration or outfit post, pleasing other bloggers or companies, promoting a brand or blogger across social media, but where is a mention of God and His works in all of this- almost no where.  This is where I feel like I need improvement or to reflect on bettering my promotion of Him and his blessings.

I talked with my husband about my feelings and he had a brilliant idea. As I mentioned in this post here I am a firm believer in tithing our first fruits from whatever money we make, whether from gifts, income, blogging income, etc. Tithing is giving to God 10% or more of earned income. My husband and I give immediately when he gets paid or we get paid a gift, etc. My husband suggested that I start the week off each week blogging about what God has been doing or showing me and sharing scripture, etc so as to begin the habit of sharing and promoting God through the first post of the week or first fruits until I can come to a place of sharing about God almost daily.

Let me know what you think and how you spent your mothers day? My hubby allowed me to sleep in today as he took care of the children and put Nevaeh on the bus.

Also the winner to my Mint Julep $25 gift card giveaway was Sarah S. Congratulations!

Outfit details:Shirt: Old Navy (gift, similar here)//Pants: via Marshalls (similar here)//Wedges: thrifted (similar here)//Purse: Michael Kors (same here in different color)//Bracelet: c/o My Arm Charms (same here for only $10)//Earrings: Kendra Scott (same here).

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Budget Babes: Spring Bags

April 24, 2015


YAY! for Friday and another day to show you how Ada, Maria and I style for under $75 (hence Budget Babes). Every Friday for three more weeks we will be styling outfits with a theme that goes along with the trends of spring but we are going to show you how you don’t have to break the bank doing so. Today’s theme is styling spring handbags. If you missed last Fridays loafers themed then you can check it out here and the pastels theme here.

The three of us dressed pretty casually but are proud to show off any hint of spring from the colors worn, to the handbags on our arms (or hands). While Maria and Ada choose colorful pastel colored handbags I stuck to my favorite year round use Michael Kors handbag. While I do have a more appropriate mint colored bag for spring I just don’t care for the shape or strap of it so sorry in advance that my bag isn’t as “colorful” but at the same time I am not sorry as I am in love with this gem. Let’s see how I styled mine below and then I will fill you in on the price of everything and see if I came out wearing $75 or under.

I wore this outfit this past weekend to our local kite festival, and then to our downtown market. It was a lovely day and what made it even more special was just spending it with my family. While the day was busy and we had one wthing after the next happen I think walking downtown was my favorite as the kids were very well behaved, the Earth Day festivities were going on, and even better the local co- organic store was giving children free organic apples. We can’t wait to go downtown and explore some more some weekend.

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post. My hubby took a handful but it was hard to get photos in this courtyard downtown and watch children a few feet away so we did what we could and these were the only two I liked from what my hubby snapped, but you get the idea. Now on to the outfit details.

Handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton Bag- $0 a wedding gift from my cousin (her hubby bought it for me from the Michael Kors sample sale in New York back in 2010, for $50. But because it was a gift we will count it as that). (same in navy color).
Shirt: JC Penny- $1 (had one of those buy something for $10 or more, get $10 off coupons) (similar)
Shorts: Merona via Target- last spring- $6 (bought on clearance) (similar here)
Flip Flops: Via Marshalls- $8 (similar)
Both Bracelets were via a collaboration with My Arm Charms so $0 (same here and here).
Necklace: Wal-mart $3 (similar)

Overall the price of this outfit is $18. I believe you can’t get better than that. This has to be my cheapest outfit with this series as last weeks with the loafers was $25 and pastels was $45. We will have to see what next weeks will be as Maria, Ada and I style with black and whites for spring.

Thanks for joining in on this series today. Be sure to stop by Ada and Marias blogs to see how they styled their handbags and to see what the prices were on their outfits.


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Favorite spring staples

March 27, 2015

IMG_0404Since Monday of this week was the first day of spring I thought I would share with you some of my favorite spring staples that I recently purchased and can’t wait to style or have been styling (see how I styled my hat here, and chambray here, and pink rayne necklace here).




I wore this outfit this past Saturday downtown with the hubs and kids as we ventured the local Science Museum and local fresh markets. It was a bit chilly outside so the chambray was actually used for that purpose to keep me comfortable. Once inside the museum I had to take the chambray off and wear it around my waist. This simple piece of denim has just been my favorite added addition to my wardrobe and I just love how versatile it is for me as I can’t stop wearing it.



I am in love with these sandals with gold glittered straps that I scored at Target a few weeks back (and on clearance as the box was missing, silly). I had been wanting some good sturdy sandals but wasn’t finding any that I liked around at shoe stores so I was thrilled when I found these on the shoe aisle at Target. Surprisingly these are all the rage on Instagram and I didn’t even know it, #win.



My sun hat is just the cutest thing. I wore it in Wednesdays post, Thursdays post and well, today of course. I just can’t get enough of it. I promise I won’t wear it anymore though (at least not for awhile).  I am also in love with colorful statement jewelry this season so I had to add some extra pink hues to this outfit with this Kendra Scott inspired necklace. sdI am just so thrilled at how well this outfit came together as I wanted to style this sundress for the spring season once more. (See how I styled this dress on mothers day last year here).

Outfit details: Sun Hat: Wal-mart ($7.97)//Chambray: via TJ Maxx//Sundress: Old Navy (old)//Sandals: Mossimo via Target//Cami shirt: a.n.a (old)//Purse: Michael Kors//Necklace: Applee jewelry.

Thank you for reading today,

What are some of your spring favorites in your home or wardrobe? Or what are your favorite spring activities?

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Just a few more days left to enter to win the “Rock Star” leather cuff bracelet, enter here. Open to US residents only.

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Chocolate stains and a HUGE spider

March 19, 2015

These white pants are my new favorite but let me tell you they are CURSED or at least they were the day I wore them and after washing them.


I have had on my wish list of items to shop for a pair of white pants or white leggings and chambray for quite some time and finally I scored them both in the same day at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Well as a mom of four I was a little apprehensive to get white pants in the first place because anything can happen to white in a wardrobe.
I dreaded spaghetti sauce, coffee or dirt getting on these babies but NO I had to go and sit on a melted chocolate bar in the seat of our van either before or after going into Target one night alone. I pray it was after my target trip as there was a smear of chocolate about 5 inches long near my butt (how embarrassing).

It took several washings to wash the chocolate out of these pants too because at first I was out of bleach so I had to use Oxyclean stain remover, then that didn’t help, then regular cleaning bleach, nada so then I finally went to the store and got laundry Clorox bleach and used this on the pants and then….


In our basement we have had a HUGE wolf spider decide to live near the washer and dryer, it has even scared me to go near the washer and dryer as I hate spiders. Well before I went to take the pants out of the wash to look over them I looked all over the place to make sure the spider wasn’t around. Whew not there. But once I opened the door to the dryer…


He was sitting right on top of my white pants, ALIVE, alive I tell you. I gasped and looked around thinking on what to do but nothing came to mind so I gently picked up the damp pants and prayed he wouldn’t attack and seeing that the monster wasn’t moving towards me or my fingers I took something and swatted at it and I haven’t seen it since, and the chocolate stain was gone.

How is that for pants that went through ALOT after being worn the first time…or wait is it me that went through ALOT? Either way I am in love with them and can’t wait to style them throughout the spring and summer.


For this outfit I choose to go “rock star” with my jewelry. Check out the nail pointed necklace and earrings, along with the “Rock Star” cuff bracelet from My Arm Charms. I just loved incorporating this punk/rock star look with elegant clothing.

If you haven’t read here (where I also styled this same cuff) I am giving away this “Rock Star” bracelet to anyone living in the US. You can enter up to 24 entries to win this bracelet here.

How would you style this bracelet?
Outfit details: Bracelet: c/0 My Arm Charms “Rock Star”//Earrings & Necklace set: gift//Pants: via Marshalls//Chambray top: TJMaxx//Shoes: via Plato’s Closet//Purse: Michael Kors (wedding gift).

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Style Me Weekly.

Rachel xo
Garay Treasures

Roses are red….

February 16, 2015


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend or Valentines day, I know I did. To be honest the Valentines day started off rough with stresses but towards the afternoon and throughout the evening it got much better (except our wallet, the cold, cold weather and my feet hurting in these boots as we did a lot of walking) but it was worth it.
My hubby and I ended up walking around a Salvage yard or building looking for inspiration for décor, taking pictures of items we liked and took these outfit photos near by. It was bitterly cold out but my hubby and I champed the wind.
DSC02341I am blessed to have this man in my life. We talked about the good times in our marriage. Fact: Before we had kids we used to read self-improvement books many of them being on marriage and relationship, and anything by Dave Ramsey. We used to cook great meals, eat out at restaurants several days a week, and just enjoy peace in the mornings at Starbucks. Bpsh not any more. But God is still good and we have new memories that we are making and that in itself is a joy.
Outfit details: Vest: Xhiliration (Target)//Shirt: Merona (Target)//Pants: St. John’s Bay//Boots: Simply Vera Vera Wang//Necklace and earrings: The Sparkle Exchange (exact here on sale for $9.99)//Purse:Michael Michael Kors//Lipstick: Revlon.

How was your Valentines day? What did you do?

Garay Treasures
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Steal Cognac-olia

December 1, 2014


Good morning! Happy Monday, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and cherished time with family members or friends. I enjoyed time with my family members Wednesday night (read that post here) and then with my in-laws on Thursday. I have so much to be thankful for and sometimes I take it for granted as I mention in this post here.
On Thursday night my sister Annalise and I hit up our local mall for some shopping. A thing I have learned while going Black Friday shopping is to have a plan and budget for shopping. I budgeted $50 and stayed reasonably in it going out of it by $8. I knew I wanted some new fall riding boots, leggings and winter tops and I found these along with a maxi dress and some cheap bangled bracelets and tees for the hubby.

I scored these amazing cognac boots for $19.99 (originally $90) at Belk for their HUGE boot sale and let me tell you this has got to be the best deal scored in months. These leggings and long sleeved tee were also super sweet deals as well.

Recently I won this Swarovski and pearl necklace from a lovely etsy shop called Designs By Stacy Lee and have worn it a lot (see post here that it was worn in as well). It is just perfect in length and weight and goes well with holiday wear this season. I felt it went well with the navy blues and cognac browns. You can find a similar necklace to it here on her shop.
Are you an etsy shop or small business and want to be featured then see my policies here.

Besides the fun shopping and steals I scored my hubby gave me a whole Thursday night of shopping and a house to myself to do whatever I wanted (while he and the kids spent the night at his parents). I ended up shopping til 11:30pm then came home and went to bed around 12:30 and slept til 9:30 am on Friday. I got to spend some time Friday going and sitting in a coffee shop ALONE, grocery shop and have these pictures done. I enjoyed every moment of it. Let’s just say my hubby got the best hubby award.

How was your thanksgiving? What kinds of deals or steals did you find?

Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway I am co-hosting and for “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up and to see which 5 ladies are featured.

Outfit details: Boots: Rampage (Belk-$19.99 black Friday sale, originally $90)//Cardigan-Michael Michael Kors (gift, thrifted)//Leggings: Charlotte Russe: $6 (originally $12) Shirt:Old Navy ($4 black Friday sale, originally $10.50)//Necklace: Via Designs by Stacy Lee etsy shop//Purse: Michael Kors (gift).

Rachel xo
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First sweatshirt of the season

October 27, 2014

Ahhh! My first sweatshirt of the fall season, well for years actually, other than wearing my hubbys’ in the past. How cute is this sweatshirt from (exact one here, and on sale for $20.20) as it is not only floral at the top neck and shoulders but also sheer and quite becoming. My only complaint is that when it came in the mail it wasn’t what I thought in the size. Mine is a size large and is a bit snug on me whereas I guess I was counting on it to be looser, but that is what you get when you order online, you never know what might come. I forgot to mention that the sweatshirt also has a zipper in the back, that I wish I had photographed for you, but you can just imagine for now or check the sweatshirt out here on Oasap.coms site.
DSC01596DSC01600Let’s talk about the jewelry for a moment as each piece holds a special place in my heart. The first being the charm on this dainty 14k gold chain (not the original chain). This little lady was a gem found in my great grandfathers house when he passed away in the early 90’s as it belonged to my great grandmother whom I never met, my dad and grandmother (their daughter) told me I could keep it. This is all I have of my great grandmother Mabel and I think it is just charming and romantic as it is a white silhouette of a woman set against a amber background.

The faux diamond earrings are a gift from a woman who makes jewelry as a way of providing hope and beauty to women who otherwise might not feel hope in this world. I forget the name of the woman unfortunately, but she is local and I picked these up at our local Blue Ridge Womens Shelter. The earrings came in a bag with a typed note sharing the woman’s testimony of brokenness, and then hope and acceptance through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Her story brought tears to my eyes and I am SO GLAD that she now makes these as an act of love to give to other girls or women who may need to not only have hope in their current situations, but to know the power, love, healing and acceptance of our Lord.

Finally, these bangle bracelets (seen one on each wrist) are a recent buy from my blogging friend Amber who is the entrepreneur and head of The Sparkle Exchange online jewelry shop. Unfortunately, these are sold out, but you can check out more of her bracelets here. They are all quite affordable and I can’t wait to see which ones I will snag up next as I LOVE mine.
DSC01599 DSC01598
I hope you enjoyed this post, you can view the outfit details below.

God Bless,
Rachel xo

Outfit details: Sweatshirt: (exact here)//Pants: DKNY Jeans (old)//Flats: Michael Michael Kors (old)//Purse: Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (gift)//Earrings: gift (unknown name of creator)//Necklace: gift//Bracelets: sold out but bought at The Sparkle Exchange.

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A for effort

October 9, 2014

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It feels sooooo good to be able to post an outfit post again. I am sorry I haven’t been showing off a bit 😉 No really though life has just been busy, the babies have been sick, I guest co-hosted an Intentional Parenting link up with host Keri (read my posts here, here and here on how I was parenting intentionally) and participated in a ABC Scripture cards giveaway along with that (winner is Britt F.CONGRATULATIONS!)


The hubby and I had a date day on Saturday this past weekend eating locally and thrift shopping (Goodwill and Plato’s Closet, but we scored our actual buys at Plato’s Closet). I bought my leopard print flats there (Plato’s Closet) about a month ago and then scored the grey sweater tunic you see over the striped shirt on the clearance rack for $5 and even better- it is a Michael Michael Kors! YES NO FREAKIN WAY! If you have followed me for awhile you know MK is my favorite brand/designer. But I happened to pick this lovely tunic for how cute it was and didn’t know it was a MK till I tried it on and fell in love. The weather was just chilly enough to wear the sweater on top of my already worn grey and white striped shirt. Everything else I wore just brought it all together, and do you notice my mix of prints (striped, crazy scarf designs and leopard?) I just loved it.


Now for the reason of my post title if you have or haven’t been wondering. A for effort….well my hubby hurt his elbow pretty bad the night before (Friday) and so he had been in pain and on pain meds for most of Friday night and Saturday so before he took these photos he accidently hit that same elbow on the van doorway as he was getting out of the van at our house, as he was cringing and sounding out in pain he took the camera and shot what he could of me in these poses knowing that I had asked him all day to outfit shoot me and it was getting dark outside. So in his pain he was a sweetheart and showed me that he loved me, by getting these shots. YEP an A for effort baby!

Also these Kendra Scott earrings you see on me have another story on their own. I actually lost one of them this past week and called the optometrists office a few times, searched in an out of my van and in my yard and finally prayed about it and felt I needed to go back to the doctors office and search and lo and behold it was in the grass near the parking lot-God is good and A for effort on my part (and God’s of course).

How have you been? What things have you or should you receive an A on effort for?

Outfit details: Striped shirt: Merona (gift)//Tunic Sweater: Michael Michael Kors ($5 Platos Closet)//Scarf:gift//Pants:DKNY Jeans (old)//Flats:Plato’s Closet//Purse: Merona (old from Target)//Earrings:Kendra Scott (gift)

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A little Blue

September 18, 2014

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If you haven’t noticed already I have an obsession with wearing the color blue. Blue is not my favorite color or at least I would tell you I don’t think it is, but if I wear it a lot and gravitate towards it when shopping then I guess it is a new “favorite” color. There I stated it in stone. I also now own my first leopard print flats crossed off the wishlist and I love them as they are comfortable and were only $8 at Plato’s Closet, how awesome is that. There were other leopard flats I wanted that were $4 but they were 1 size to small and I couldn’t even get my fat toes in them.

I wore this outfit yesterday around my hubby’s college campus with the kiddos and to the on-campus local coffee shop. I felt like the outfit was the only thing keeping me a bit excited for the morning as most everyone was grouchy yesterday (the kids, myself, hubby). We were grouchy for our own reasons, but a nice walk helped and getting to have a break blogging and photo shooting while the babies slept after the walk helped the day go by smoother.



I normally don’t like to show off my wrists or fingers much as I don’t feel these are appealing in my eyes, but decorated with some lovely jewelry such as these bangles from my blogging friend Whitney of helps. I think they are just the cutest and very unique. These are from her vintage online boutique Shop Nics Picks that you can check out here for some awesome (and cheap) viPntage or thrifted pieces of clothes, and accessories. Thanks Whitney for the gifts.
By the way I will be hosting my first link up party next week on the blog. So be sure to stick around to link up and perhaps get the chance to be 1 of 3 or more featured at the end of it.

Outfit details: Shirt: Gift//Jeans: Jacalyn Smith (from swap)//Necklace: Mall of Style c/o//Bangled Bracelets: Shop Nics Picks//Leopard flats: Plato’s Closet//Purse: Michael Kors (gift from NY).

Thank you for stopping by everyone. Rachel xo
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