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8 Things I Have Done Recently & Link up

December 20, 2016


I struggled to find a topic to post about today, therefore I was unmotivated to post as life has not conjured anything special lately except holiday fun and festivities. Then I thought why not share just some of the things I have done lately so that you get a glimpse into my life, hence the title “8 Things I have Done Recently.”

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$10 at Target: December Budget & Link up

December 19, 2016


Today I have joined my good friend Becky and a few other bloggers for a blog hop where we buy “fun” or “splurge” items at Target with a budget of $10 for the month of December. This does not include Starbucks, groceries but rather items we consider fun or perhaps had on our wishlists.

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What Makes Me Happy Collaboration & Link up

November 29, 2016



Hey everyone! I hope all my blogging friends in the US had a good Thanksgiving last week, we sure did. Unlike other Thanksgiving years past this one was actually low key. Normally we have like 4 or more Thanksgiving gatherings it seems but this year just 3 (with my family, in-laws and church). The outfit in this post was actually worn on Thanksgiving day to two of those Thanksgiving gatherings. This made for the perfect low-key and comfortable look that just makes me feel happy. Today I have teamed up with two other bloggers to share with you our “Happy Outfits”  to share a few things in life that make us happy, including what we wear and why. I also included at the end of the post a few quotes from a few other bloggers that contributed from this post here on what makes them feel happy or confident.

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2 Ways to Style a Skull Scarf

October 25, 2016


Halloween and all things fall are in the air. This past weekend we took the little ones to Layman’s Farm where they had fun with the corn mazes, jumping pillows, cow car rides, petting zoo and more. We didn’t pick a pumpkin at this particular farm, but the kids had fun none-the-less. By the time the farm closed for the evening we were wiped out, as you can imagine.

Speaking of fall and Halloween I wanted to share with you one of my skull scarves that was gifted to me last year from a good blogging friend named Whitney. Now I mentioned it was given to me last year, but up until now I have not known how to style it. Alexander McQueen is famous for putting out fabulous skull scarves, see here and here but you don’t need to go expensive to get your own. Below are affordable priced ones.  With Halloween being Monday I thought I would pull it out and give mine a wear and today I am sharing with you two ways to style it. It’s actually as easy as 1..2..3.

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Pink LulaRoe Dress for Fall & Family fun shots + Link up

October 18, 2016


Today I am sharing with you some fun family shots taken Sunday but before I share those that I want to draw your attention to this LulaRoe Pink 90’s printed dress (styled here this summer). I didn’t plan to wear this dress to church but seeing as I picked out matching pink and white polka-dotted dresses for my girls I wanted to wear some form of pink too. Hence this dress, but styled for fall.

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8 Things I have learned to Accept & 2 ways to get discounted LipSense

October 11, 2016


I know my last few posts have been bombarded by the statements of “life’s been crazy” or “too busy” and while that’s not changed I am admitting that I have slightly lost my motivation. I want to work on this though because when I think ahead to the future of this blog I DON’T want it to go away. Which leads to today’s topic and that is on things I am learning to accept or perhaps change.

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Olive Jacket (Collaboration) & Link up

September 27, 2016


It’s officially fall and I am more than excited! Looking at these photos I am in awe at the beauty of the sunset, leaves falling to the ground and the fresh smells of fall. Fall is officially my favorite season and has been since childhood. I found my olive colored jacket in our basement and brought it back up singing the hallelujah chorus that it can finally can come out. Today I am styling the olive jacket in a collaboration with Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge.

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Life Lately

September 26, 2016



I haven’t done this in awhile but I guess this post can be counted towards the High Five for Friday link up. This link up highlights five things that happened in a week; However mine is more like two weeks as there has just been A LOT going on.  In that case, heavy content posts will not be happening this week. Let’s dive in to some highlights in my life lately.

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