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A girl and her dog (with Sammy Dress)

August 26, 2016


I tease my husband often about how I have another lover in life. He understands that the other lover is either God, my sons, coffee or my dog. While God is a HUGE part of my life and the greatest lover of them all I think my hubby understands what I mean ( insert wink face) and you are looking at him. You have seen my dog a few times on the blog, but I have never styled my outfits around him until today.

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When my dog won’t let me blog

September 28, 2015


That’s right, Frank aka Frank n’ Beans will not let me blog. This is how my little critter does so 1). Try to lay on my lap while I have the lap top obviously on my lap first, 2). Nudge my arm off the keyboard to pet his head, 3). Nudge again with his head 4). when that finally ends and he sees I have given up he lays snuggled up against me and passes his famous farts while snoring just to annoy me.

Oh Frank you little cute devil you.


Actually he is not the only thing in life keeping me from blogging but rather the loss of sleep the past few days and catching up as the babies have been waking up in the wee hours of the morning, spending time with my best friend and family members during my “blogging times” or free time, and finally with the non-stop rain there have been no outfit photo shoots taken so far for this week…did I mention loss of sleep and lots of time spent with people.

Oh and trying to remain in God’s truth and bask in His love for me, remembering what He has called me to do¬†Ephesians 5:15-16 So, then, be careful how you live. Do not be unwise but wise, making the best use of your time because the times are evil.

Yes, this is life and life is good, sorry blog that all you get today is my dogs devious schemes to get attention.

Have a good Monday!

What keeps you from blogging? 

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