A Calling

October 21, 2015


Before I get to the heart and meet of this post let me just indulge with you my comfortable Sunday outfit. I had a “don’t have anything [clean] to wear to church” moment Sunday so what did I do? I took a summer maxi striped dress, placed a oxblood colored long sleeved tee over top that I got from Target last year and layered with a sweater cardigan over top. I felt rather comfortable in my layered look while everyone else froze their tooshies off. To complete the look I added cognac colored boots. My husband rather liked the “bohemian” look of my layers. Silly, cute hubby!


This particular Sunday had its ups and downs. The kids were so tired from weekend festivities that they were hard to handle, which made my husband and I grouchy. The good thing about our Sunday was visiting my father-in-laws church (he is the Pastor) as they celebrated the churches 50 year anniversary.While we were there my hubby and I finally went up to the church altar to receive prayer for our call to ministry. My husband meets with the head overseer to discuss this calling over lunch hopefully this week to find out what we need to do or where there is a need.


I don’t believe I have revealed it on the blog before but my husband has his ministers license and use to youth pastor before meeting me. In his season of youth pastoring that is when he felt the closest to God. Around the same time in another part of the state I was ministering to college girls at my University and in that season I felt closest to God. I loved where I was, and he loved where he was. Get the point!

For years now my husband and I have served at our local church, but the burden of not being actual ministers somewhere has been heavy on our hearts lately, especially my husbands. It is scary to give to God the future and say “wherever you need me that is where I will go.” I told my husband how when going to college I never expected to minister, disciple, share Christ with college students and grow in the Lord and heal from things of my past but God used me and I am excited for what He has taught me and will continue to teach me as we pursue this new avenue of adventure together.

Your prayers would be appreciated as we use this time and season to grow and accept where God could use us or grow us. Serving God is one of the most wonderful things I have EVER…EVER done and it has been far to long since having the fire I once did.

This doesn’t mean I am giving up on blogging (unless God calls me away from it) but I am letting you all know as I feel you should know in case things start getting different around here.

If you know and serve the Lord what has been the scariest yet most fulfilling thing you have done for the Lord? What has he called you to do specifically? How is God using you now in this season of life? How can you be used for His glory?

I would love to know your thoughts.

God Bless, Rachel

Outfit details: Long sleeved tee: Target (same here in different color)//Maxi dress: Charlotte Russe (similar, similar)//Sweater Cardigan: Avon (old, similar here)//Necklace: Wal-mart, similar.

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  • Anna D Kart October 21, 2015 at 8:30 am

    I have been in a ministry for 10 years and got burned out. I got burned by people and just tired, so currently I am taking a break, focusing on the family and enjoying time off. Sometimes ministries become just that – ministires instead of serving for God. So I’m taking the time to refocus, energize and shift my priorities.

    Happy Medley

  • Becky @ bybmg October 21, 2015 at 8:57 am

    Praying for you as you discern your calling!

  • Amy Ann October 21, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Sounds like you all are on the right path and I am excited to see where it leads you. You pulled together a great outfit.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Shea October 21, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    I’ll keep you and your husband in my prayers and you work to find ways to serve him and minister to others! My grandpa Jona (my son’s namesake) was a pastor and I always have a special place in my heart for those who do God’s work!

  • Whitney 'Nic' James October 21, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Thanks for sharing this, Rachel. I believe that my husband and I are called to serve in our church, but our struggle has been attending consistently and figuring out where God wants to use us. We’ve been able to attend a lot more regularly since the summertime, and that’s been a blessing. We’re scheduled for a seminar to help figure out how our gifts can be used in the church, so I’m excited to see what’s revealed. Over the past few months, I feel as though we’ve both been called to help and minister to young Christian couples, and more personally I feel I’m called to minister to young women who have an entrepreneurial spirit. A lot has been revealed to both of us and we’ve taken steps in the right direction, we just have to continue to be patient and stay ready. Accepting the calling in general has been the scariest thing because we’ve been faced with different obstacles that I think are preparing us to serve in an even bigger capacity.

    Very excited to see where God leads you both. Keep praying on it and continue to pay attention to the signs He sends. Looking forward to hear more….xo!


  • Johanna October 21, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    Love your layering and your straight hair these days girl!

  • Sarah @ Bows and Clothes October 21, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Wow, that is so great, Rachel! I am so happy for you! I am praying for you and praying that God will lead you with clarity where to go and what to do. This is a big step, and I admire you for answering God’s call.


  • Ginny October 21, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    What an exiting new chapter in your lives! Hoping you feel clarity and direction soon.

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom October 21, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    You and your husband sound like you have such a great spiritual connection. I can’t wait to read more about the future and what it spiritually holds for the two of you. And, I am really digging this outfit on you!


  • Kathleen October 21, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Loving this layered ensemble you put together on the spot. This cardigan is fabulous!

  • Emily Green October 22, 2015 at 8:38 am

    That kind of abandonment to his will is something that is so terrifying, but oh so rewarding! That’s kind of a wake up call to me- the scariest thing I’ve probably done is just sharing my journey and faith with others when I’ve been shy or embarrassed. I’m certain there’s areas where I could risk myself more for more of him to work through. Thanks for being an encouragement, and you sound so blessed to have a husband like that!

  • Rachel October 22, 2015 at 9:41 am

    You look SO cute! Love the sweater and striped skirt!

  • Shannon October 22, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Such s cute fall look! In love with that cardigan and it’s adorable with that maxi!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  • kelsey bang October 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    fun stripe skirt! super cute outfit!

  • Michelle October 22, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Layering is one of the best parts of fall! I love turning my summer clothes in fall ready outfits!


  • Jill October 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    I’m excited to see where the next chapter leads you! Love how your outfit came together!

    Doused In Pink

  • Tif @ Bright on a Budget October 25, 2015 at 1:30 am

    Prayers for you all as you embark on this journey. God already has a place for you to be, I’m sure. Also, love this outfit!! Sometimes the BEST outfits are the ones you just toss together!


  • Esther October 25, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Great outfit, I love the skirt and red looks really nice on you! Have a great week!

    xo, Esther


  • Ada October 26, 2015 at 10:17 am

    So cute and loving that you and your husband met through a church and both share your love for God and ministry. I know nothing about ministries but I do know that they require a lot of hard work.

    Your Sunday church outfit worked out great, too. I would have never guessed that was a maxi dress. I thought for sure it was a skirt. Putting the marsala tee over it and layering with the warm cozy cardigan brought it to Fall 2015 perfectly, hitting several Fall trends on the nail, right there.

  • Della Preston October 27, 2015 at 12:33 am

    Praying for you and your husband. I know God will lead you where he sees fit.

    Della @ Della Devoted