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September 29, 2015






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Hello and happy Tuesday everyone! I want to thank everyone of you that come by my blog daily and to this very link up every Tuesday, whether you link up or not I appreciate you and am truly inspired by so many of you. Again thank you!

All of you see the image above and are probably eager to read how I personally built up this very link up “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” every Tuesday but before we go into it let me clarify and define a few things. First of all what is a blogger link up (in case someone is new to this phrase)?

Basically, a blogger will host or co-host a post that involves a way in which bloggers can link up recent posts that can be seen by other bloggers that either visit the host or co-hosts blog pages. This is a neat way to put your blog out there for other bloggers to see your link(s) and to come on by your blog. There are several different linky lists used by bloggers that host link ups, however the most popular ones are Linky Tools and Inlinkz. These are hosts that help with easy insertion of links within blog posts. I personally use Inlinkz (with a small fee of $1.99 a month, or $19.99 for a year). Why pay for this? Because this guarantees perks like visual tabs within the link up, etc, whereas the free accounts only allow for text only links. You can view my own personal link up at the bottom of this post to gather what I mean.


In the title of this post you see the key word “Successful” and while it is such a profound word that means a lot, let me just clarify with you that “successful” or “success” can be whatever we want it to mean. For me personally, I chose to believe my link up is successful right now in that it is growing by leaps and bounds. One week I have 130 links and another 157, so while it fluctuates, at least it is growing above 130. To some bloggers that are hosting a link up success is beyond 20, 30, 40, 50 links and onward (you get my drift). There are even bloggers that have hosted blog link ups for years and they get up to 200 plus link ups in a week, again success is what we make of it. So today I am making the most of what I consider success to inspire some of you and share with you some tips that have worked with me every Tuesday (week).

Tip #1: Decide what niche your link up will be. What kind of blogs do you like to read or learn from and who will be your audience? For some bloggers they prefer fashion only links be linked, or recipe links, etc.  For me personally, I choose this link up to include all niches because before this linkup, “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” was a monthly series where I pulled together favorite blogger recipes, fashion tips etc so the tradition stayed in my link up. I believe going with an all niche link up was a success in itself in that it allowed me to think outside my “fashion and lifestyle” box and gather inspiration for DIY activities or new recipes, etc.

Tip #2: Have rules for your link up. I know, we are all tired of rules but there are pro’s and con’s to having link up rules and that is simply so there is a hint of respect for the host and other linkersThe pro’s to having rules include helping everyone know what is expected or not expected (duh!).  Finally the perks of meeting co-hosts or hosts and other linkers, etc. But warning* I know from experience that if you call other bloggers out on not following one or certain rules then they will most likely never come back again. What I mean is don’t let other bloggers abuse the link up by any means, but just because they didn’t follow all your social medias doesn’t mean you have to delete their post or e-mail them to remind them to follow EVERYTHING. I know from experience that this can drive linkers and bloggers away. 

Tip # 3: Come up with a consistent link up day and schedule. Simply said, pick a set day and time your link up will go live. That way other bloggers expect it.


Tip #4: Have a co-host(s). This is a great way to allow other bloggers to be a part of this link up and share the link up on their blogs as well. This is done by the host of the link up sharing her link up html code with that designated co-host. This is a great way for both bloggers to generate some new views or visitors and therefore more links. It is courteous to talk about or have links available of the co-host in case people want to visit their blog and follow them too. Also it is important to stay organized each week in knowing who your co-hosts are and how to reach them so you don’t overbook co-hosts for same dates. I use a planner to pen in my co-hosts for each date and note if they sent in their picture and links/bio and if not I know to contact them again a few days before the link up to get this information from them.  *By the way check out my co-host below for today’s link up.

Tip #5: Feature a blogger or bloggers from the previous weeks link up: This is an excellent way to share another blogger and their ideas or post. Some link ups feature one or more bloggers based on the hosts personal like for a post, some bloggers are featured based on gathering the most clicks in a link up and others are linked up because their topic matched up with a particular theme if the link up has a set theme or challenge. Show a picture and back link to that previous post as well.  I personally like to feature 5 because that is what I did before the link up, when “Bloggers Who Have Inspired me” was a series. *I feature all niches that I can, although this link up has been quite popular for fashion and beauty posts lately. *Check out the featured 5 bloggers below.

Tip #6: E-mail or tweet bloggers letting them know about the link up either the moment the link up goes live or shortly before the link up goes live. For me, I personally like to e-mail my past linkers Monday evenings reminding them of “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”, with the time (12 am EST) and day (Tuesday) and introduce the co-host and thank the past co-host and the new linkers for joining in. Some bloggers will tweet out a “hope you can join the ….. link up tomorrow (or live now).”

Tip #7: Visit other link ups through-out the week and invite newer bloggers to your blog link up. I personally do this (when I can) on Mondays. I will visit 3-5 new blogs and follow them and invite them to join in the next day (Tuesday for me) and this has been a tremendous success as many bloggers are eager to try out new link ups. If I visit 5 bloggers and share the link up with them 3 out of 5 will most likely link up within the week.

Tip #8: Send “Miss you, hope you can link up in the future” comments or e-mails to past linkers that no longer link up. This is just a courtesy and “thinking of you” gesture. Seldom have I had someone e-mail me and wish not to link up anymore based on not blogging anymore or just wanting to pursue other link ups, but normally they come back around here and there.

Tip #9: Share the link up on social media channels and tag co-host or those featured. As a mom of 4 I will admit this is a weak area for me as I do post the link up on a lot of my social medias but remembering to tag those that had been featured is sometimes a rough spot for me, but I will do it when I think about it.

Tip# 10: Comment or e-mail on every bloggers post that links up. Many of you are probably nodding your head yes to this, especially if you link up each week. To me this is a driving factor if I will come back to a link up as it shows the host and or co-host care and are actually taking time to read or glance through my post, so I like to do this for those that link up to my link up as well. Now does this mean I might miss two or three each week, yes, because with 130 plus link ups I might miss commenting on a few but I try and do better later on and visit the page.

Now that you gathered my tips above let me share some ideas with you that I follow or see other link up hosts follow.

Idea #1: Share or pin each link that links up on your link up. Create a special Pinterest board for your link up and pin every link that linked up.

Idea #2: Create a link up button and button link up code (using this site here to create a button) like mine here:

Garay Treasures


Idea # 3: While this didn’t appeal to me, it does occur and generates a little blogging income, but some hosts charge a small fee to have a blogger co-host a link up with them. I don’t like to go this route, but to some people this may help them out, especially if their link up is well known for generating a lot of traffic to other blogs.

Idea #4: Help newer bloggers out by helping them understand how to link up, or how to even start a link up. Sure there are blogging coaches and bigger bloggers that would charge to provide this information, but to stay on good terms with other bloggers try to be helpful and supportive.  because we have ALL been there and had someone show us and to have no one show us how or to charge a fee to help warrants going elsewhere, so just be helpful.

Idea #5: Link up your link up to other bloggers link ups (check their rules first as some link ups don’t allow other link ups to be linked or they will be deleted).

Thank you for coming by today and gathering some tips and ideas on how to run or build a “successful” link up. If you found this post interesting, helpful or informative please share it, pin it, or save it as I hope it inspired you or gave you some ideas. If you need more information feel free to e-mail me at rachel(dot)garay@me(dot)com and I will try to help, or you can comment below.

Now it is your turn. What tips do you have if you have hosted or co-hosted a link up? What would you like to know more of? What is a successful link up to you?


Now on to the link up: Happy Linking!

Meet your Host: Rachel of Garay Treasures blog:

IMG_2430Rachel is a former full time preschool special education teacher turned full time stay-at- home mom of four children with a passion for substitute teaching and blogging at Garay Treasures on the side. Garay Treasures is a fashion and lifestyle blog with some added posts on faith and everyday treasures. Rachel loves drinking several cups of coffee a day (hot or iced), blogging, and reading and playing with her children. You can follow Rachel by bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Meet your guest co-host Osy of, she has a classy and trendy style that I know you will love.


You can follow Osy by the following links: Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin
Now on to the featured five from last week and link up:


Isn’t Laura’s date night look just cute, I love the added chevron and mixed edge vibes, plus the food she and her hubby ate were quite different read more here.


Samantha looks brilliant in this layered look for fall. I can’t get enough of the colors and textures. See post here.

TWP Wrap

Allison remixed a pair of white pants for 1 year, and documented it every Wednesday for her Wendesday Pants link up. I am inspired by her persistance and diary of doing this, heck I would do this with my chambray button up and might. Thanks for the idea Allison! here is her post and recap.


Teresa and her hubby made a goal when they were dating to hike the C&O Canal path which is a total of 184.5 miles, while they traveled most of it, got married, had their son they still to this day are still trying to complete this hike (and with their son) and are near the finishing. This is such an inspiration as it definitely shows goals and dreams can be reached no matter how many years, situations or miles you take. See how many  miles they have left here.


This post by Sarah is just precious and leaves an important impact on just what love and faithfulness means, find out what here.

Now it is your turn, please follow this rules below and have fun.

1). Please link up recent posts and include the link up button or post this URL link back on your blog. The posts can be about fashion, DIY projects, recipes, inspiration, tips, etc. *If you link up other link ups or giveaways please be sure you share this link up on your link up post to share the blog love and I will be sure to link up to yours. Also please follow me in the below social medias and let me know how you are following and I will follow back. Thank you!

2). Please follow your host Rachel of Garay Treasures either by Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or all. Comment below and let me know how you are following so I can follow back.

3). Stop by and check out the other bloggers who have linked up and be inspired. 4).Depending on how many link up I will feature 5 bloggers and their posts for my next “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link-up or series.

5). Have fun! Comment below if you have any questions! Thanks for linking up!

To link up it would be great if you linked my button to your post that you link up. Get button code below:

Garay Treasures


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    This was a very interesting read. I also liked the fact that you pointed out it’s useless trying to make bloggers follow ALL of your social media channels. For example, I usually prefer to read a blogger’s blog posts as they are more edited and thought out. I do follow some people on Instagram, for instance bloggers who write in languages I don’t understand. But I follow nobody on Facebook or Twitter, for the simple reason that I’m not using these platforms myself…

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    These are great tips, especially #7 & #8!

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  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom September 29, 2015 at 7:20 am

    These are such great tips, Rachel. Especially for someone that is thinking about starting a link up. I have learned a lot of these over time. I do think having a co-host and also co-hosting on someone elses party helps a lot! I also like that I sent out my newsletter through Mailchimp every week, I think it helps serve as a reminder. I also try to comment on most that link up, which is the most time-consuming, but most rewarding I think.


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