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Olive Jacket (Collaboration) & Link up

September 27, 2016


It’s officially fall and I am more than excited! Looking at these photos I am in awe at the beauty of the sunset, leaves falling to the ground and the fresh smells of fall. Fall is officially my favorite season and has been since childhood. I found my olive colored jacket in our basement and brought it back up singing the hallelujah chorus that it can finally can come out. Today I am styling the olive jacket in a collaboration with Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge.

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Hubby & Wife Style: Sunnies

August 23, 2016


Happy Tuesday! The summer feels like it is slowly coming to an end, but I am SO ready for the fall season (my favorite). The weather has allowed for layers and I finally pulled out this chambray top from my closet (Hallelujah chorus over here). I love layering as it makes me feel the most confident. Give me a jacket, chambray top or sweater cardigan or blanket scarf and I am in heaven. Are you glad the fall is coming?

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Trenching in Summer & Link up

June 21, 2016


Recently my husband and I had a date night and decided to visit a new-to-me local coffee shop (that I adore already) followed by a brunch. On our way to the coffee shop my husband asked why I was bringing a trench coat along? My response “because coffee shops tend to be on the chilly side.  AND a recent blogger inspired me” (see first featured blogger below for the link up).  My husband disregarding my answer kept taunting me with “but it’s 95 degrees outside” and then threatened to post how crazy I was on his Facebook. He never posted my “crazy” fashion outburst, but the taunting still continued.

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Striped tee collaboration & link up

May 31, 2016


Happy Tuesday! Todays link up and post is a treat as I am joining my longtime blogging buddy Becky for a styling collaboration. Becky and I both discovered we owned the same striped tee from our “$10 at Target” posts (see mine and hers) and so I knew right away that a collaboration was in store. Continue Reading

Just Be Rachel & Link up

April 19, 2016


I have been at war with myself the past few weeks. Everyday that small voice continued to prod me to do what I didn’t think I had in me to do because it meant change and I am not one for that. But sometimes when God calls you to do it it can be hard to do it, it’s easier said than done right? Again I have been at war with myself, with God, with this blog.

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2 Easy Braids for Girls & Link up

April 5, 2016



Today I felt it would be fun to show off my little ladies, and their easy braids, because Spring and Summer warrant lots of braids to keep girls and women cool right? Before I show off the braids I want to introduce you to the products that we have come to love that have helped make these braids possible and manageable especially for little girls (like mine) who hate their hair being brushed or styled. 

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Easter Pudding Recipe & Link up

March 22, 2016

Welcome to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” link up. I know I normally post inspirational or fashion related posts for the link up, but because this link up welcomes all niches and types of posts (DIY, fashion, Recipes, faith, inspirational, etc.,) I thought it would be fun to share with you a fun Easter and spring cool recipe I tried last week. Feel free to link up your posts below but enjoy this lovely recipe below. (see my other recipes Brownies and Smoothie).
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