Olive Jacket (Collaboration) & Link up

September 27, 2016


It’s officially fall and I am more than excited! Looking at these photos I am in awe at the beauty of the sunset, leaves falling to the ground and the fresh smells of fall. Fall is officially my favorite season and has been since childhood. I found my olive colored jacket in our basement and brought it back up singing the hallelujah chorus that it can finally can come out. Today I am styling the olive jacket in a collaboration with Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge.

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Life Lately

September 26, 2016



I haven’t done this in awhile but I guess this post can be counted towards the High Five for Friday link up. This link up highlights five things that happened in a week; However mine is more like two weeks as there has just been A LOT going on.  In that case, heavy content posts will not be happening this week. Let’s dive in to some highlights in my life lately.

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7 Tips to Refocusing towards your dreams + Free Inspirational Quote Cards (linkup)

September 20, 2016

*Stock image is used by permission from Mara Burkes Creative. Feel free to Pin for a good read.

Today’s post is different for most Tuesdays but was birthed from several weeks of feeling in a rut on and off. In those weeks I felt disappointed, lost and like my head was swirling in a thousand directions without focus. I had lost focus on my dream and began to ask and wonder what it was.  It wasn’t until last weekend that God was clearly speaking to me and He did so in the coolest way.

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$10 Target Budget for September & Link up

September 19, 2016

$10Target (1)

Today I have joined my good friend Becky and a few other bloggers for a blog hop where we buy “fun” or “splurge” items at Target with a budget of $10 for the month of September. This does not include Starbucks, groceries but rather items we consider fun or perhaps had on our wishlists.

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Mommy & Mini Summer Wedding Style Collaboration

September 13, 2016


Today I am sharing a collaboration with Ada on how we styled with our girls for a summer wedding. It’s been a while since I have been to a wedding and I definitely haven’t been to one with kids. Because of the latter I took up the challenge to find a way to get my girls dressed appropriately for a wedding, including myself, to where we kind of coordinated.
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7 Ways to Style a Tassel Necklace for Fall

September 12, 2016


Recently  received this beautiful tassel necklace from Lucie’s Locket and when it came in the mail I was instantly stuck on how to best wear it for fall. Tassel necklaces, accessories, shirts, dresses and more were all the rage in the summer but with summer ending I wanted to challenge myself to style tassel into fall. Today I am sharing with you 7 ways I came up with for styling a tassel necklace for fall.

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How I Style It: White after Labor Day + Giveaway

September 7, 2016

*This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches, all opinions are mine alone.

Welcome to How I Style It. This is a themed monthly blog hop that a few other bloggers and I have put together to show you how we style different outfits for different themes. Today’s theme is white after Labor Day..just to be rebellious and break fashion rules.
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Labor Day

September 5, 2016


Happy Labor day! Hopefully you are enjoying your day off and soaking up a long weekend like us. I know that lately I have been sharing some fall transitional looks but I want to share with you at least one last summer look (that I know of so far). My shorts may retire in a few weeks and it is hard to believe that fall is official in a few weeks. It’s September too, which is crazy, but fall weather is my favorite.

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