Mommy& Daughter Easter Collaboration

April 12, 2017

Happy Wednesday! I know it has been since February that I published a blog post BUT lots of great stuff has been happening and while I had intentions to blog some that didn’t happen.  I am happy to be back today with another collaboration with other mommy bloggers as we share with you a glimpse of our family photos for Easter (today is with just my girls, but I may have full family shots up sometime soon).

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February 28, 2017

The hubby and I were gone from blogging last week due to sickness in the family, but thank God we are feeling better. Today I am writing humbly on sacrifices. I say humbly because I hope to be real and vulnerable too.

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My “Why” for Blogging Past and Present

February 6, 2017

I spent a week contemplating a topic for today’s post and many topics came to mind, but there didn’t seem to be any depth or inspiration to make those topics worth your time. It’s Saturday night and I just finished visiting and commenting on several blogs that I enjoy reading and I found some new ones at the same time (thanks to link ups). Then it hit me, BAM this was what starting my blogging journey started out as and I began to remember my why for blogging in the first place.
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We Chose Option B

January 30, 2017

This post is meant to be one of hope and to show God’s goodness through His plan! With the political heat on this very topic think what you want but this is our personal story. Our choice!
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January 23, 2017

I am back! As I type this I can’t fully express my emotions. I feel a million different things all at once about being back, but here I am. I greatly appreciate the comments, e-mails and Facebook messages from some of you wanting me back or wishing me well. I have missed so many of you BUT I have enjoyed reading the successes of some of your endeavors on Facebook (New York Fashion Week invited ladies, Instagram or blog growth or Viral posts for some of you) I celebrate with you ladies! You are all killing it and that is AMAZING! I am glad to be back to catching up with some of your posts too.

Aside from the “I am back…” greeting I want to let you all know that for now this blog will begin again with posts on faith, daily life and messages from my husband. I have teamed up with my husband, Chantry, to bring you posts on encouragement, faith and to share what God is doing in our lives. God is daily renewing us, transforming us and showing His goodness.  That is our new mission!

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